Monday, December 22, 2014

After Graduating

So, what I have been doing so far?.  After a few months graduating, I manage to get a job, well, its family business, not so big, just helping my aunts & cousins in their restaurant, just a helper. Near UNIMAS, & makes me missing my study time.

Some of that time, I'm also looking for a job and been sending, emailing a lots of resume every time I received a notification of a job vacancy. Then, I got my first interview as Admin Clerk in Banking Agency which actually I just applied in the morning, got call in the afternoon then go to the interview on the next day.

After the interview, I was immediately got the job & start on the next week, haha... am I ace the interview?. Got no tips for you guys, because that was my first time with no experience in working, lucky me and Alhamdulillah.. ;)


Lizzie Yasmin said...

Selamat menempuh alam kerjaya.

Zie Madini said...

Wahhh...psstt, hi five sis. kmk pun giya juak. 1st time interview kerja, alu kenak employed. hehe.

so far in my whole life kmk attend 2x jak interview. 1st interview kerja nektok. 2nd interview.. masa nak benti kerja. 2nd interview pun kmk dpat keja ya juak. hehe

cuma bila kmk anta surat resign, boss tahan n offer mek gaji besa gik. thats why stay :P

luck nak sis ow.