Thursday, July 9, 2015

Missing My Kids

I have about 15 cats in my house, since Im not working last year, i been given some of them to those who want to adopt them, its was so sad for me, been keeping them since they were born!.

Till, now, baru je minggu lepas aku dah bagi sekor lagi untuk my dad's friend, huhu... seriously, now im missing them!

When they were babies

Dah besar sikit.;)

The one yang tinggal with me

haaa.. antara 5 beradik ni, yang tinggal si puteh tu je, snowball, ade lagi yang lain, now total, 7 ekor je... hope they are happy with the new family. :)

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Zie Madini said...

alolollo....comelnya dorggggg