Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Thesis Uploaded

hi readers.. :)...

x habis lagi nak cerita pasal thesis ni kan.. :).. I just uploaded my thesis dekat Just for sharing, sebab, i like to view/read other researchers and materials from the website too..

Saja nak share, kalau korang rajin, baca la ye.. hehe..

My thesis title: 

saje nak tempek gambar sendirik kt cni..;p

Anyway, gotta study for tomorrow MId-Term exam for BM and Quiz 1 for TMX... Daaaa!!

Have A Nice Weekend!


Asyiqin Haulisah said...

dear good luck. chaiyok2.

♥ ROS ♥ said...

goodluck.buh gmbr sendiri comel xpe :P