Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pretty Little Liars..

Dalam masa busy-busy ni, sempat gak aku layan tv series Pretty Little Liars (PLL) ni.. Pelakon ny semua comel-comel.. :)

Cerita ni buat aku addicted untuk terus-terusan untuk tengok next episode.. Siryes.. aku tengah menahan diri dari tengok next episod skang nih sebab sok nak EXAM!!.. Adeh...

Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna
the story's bout 4 bff, yang kehilangan one of their friend, Allison.. Misteri kehilangan Allison still questioned eventhough dh jumpa her body, lepas setaun menghilang.

Selepas terjumpanya mayat Allison, still the mystery's not resolved, and the mystery 'A' sering mngganggu these 4 bff about their everyday life.. 'A' knows all/ every secret they are hiding. 'A' keeps emailing n texted the 4 friends... and they still dont know who 'A' is..

Siryess citer ni sangat mendebar2 kan.. a bit scary.. bukan citer hantu, tapi misteri kematian Allison.. cerita mengenai secret antara BFF.. :)

btw, i lovess the soundtrack of this series.. scary muchh..;p

~~got a secret can u keep it, swear this one u'll save, better lock it in ur pocket, takin this one to the grave....~~if i show u n i know u, wont tell what i've said, cause two can keep a secret when one of them is dead!..~~

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Uwais Al Qarni Bin Mohd Isa said...

Macam best. .:) t review citer best2 lagi ye.