Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Miss My Other Half

Seriously Missing Him…


~together forever, never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart~

~mok carik baju couple camtok…da x??..~Red heart
Mok tell every1 dat we r couple..hahah.. gedikkss..


  • sebab kitak dah curi hati kamek bah….doncha ever go away…

  • every second i spend with you is a second i wouldnt want to trade for anything else in this world…

i’m not afraid of the future, as long as i know you’re in mine..Red lips
Je t’aime my dear!!!


n happy birthday!! Moga panjang umo, panjang jodoh kita, murah rezeki n bahagia selalooo…Lep U hamisya n forever..Red heart Lastly, Happy Anniversary, setaun 9 bulan sudahh...

 ~5 Feb 2011~

p/s:mok berik pa k berik nya adiah ow??


kukumalu_izie said...

sgt sweet... thniah 4 anniversary kitak 2 ;p

Dya said...