Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 7: 10 important people


i lovess human..( wat cam nada si comell Nina kat bawah nie)... hehe...

Peoples that are and mean everything in my lifes are::

My wonderful and amazing and lovingly, caring, n my everything:: My Parents
My love, n everything, air yang dicincang xkan putus:: My siblings

My world, adore them so much:: My granparents 
My thoughtful, understanding, wish to be like them:: My teachers from primary-secondary skool,
My importance peoples lately.. hehe ::My lecturer ..
My understanding, loving, responsible person:: My Sayang... :P
Me n my sayang's lovely and important person :: My Sayang's family
My everything, im nothing without them:: My frenss from primary skool till U now...
My Everyone around me...<<< nak jugak letak 'My'... hehe
My followerss who read this!!..;)

Yummy cakes for all of u...!!.. Heheh
Kalo nak tau lebeh lanjut, Kelik sini.


Redbloodsnow said...

kmk ktk syg x? ceaaa...hehehe :P

Dea said...

@Redbloodsnow syg la k.zie... cam kakak mek mpun.. huhu..xda kakak tok.. XD