Friday, August 12, 2011

Sad story...


A girl wanted a ring.
But the boy gave a teddy bear
In anger the girl threw the bear on
The road.
The boy want 2 take it back but
Was hit by a coming car and died.
At his funeral,
The girl hugged the bear and the
Machine in it spoke:
“Will you marry me?
Guess what she found a ring inside it.


Noor Khairunnisa said...

ow tedah... piluk ati baca... huhuhu T_T

[sutera kasih] said...

sayukk ati baca :(

.izzati liyana. said...

pernah baca suatu ketika dahulu. sangat sedihh.. :(

Thea-Retta said...

moral of the story: do appreciate every little things that our loved one has given/done for us ...

♥ Dea ♥ said...

@Noor Khairunnisatedah ow...huu

♥ Dea ♥ said...

@[sutera kasih]aok..:)

♥ Dea ♥ said...